About Renfrew County

For more information on the towns and places in Renfrew County, check out http://www.countyofrenfrew.on.ca/municipalities/ and www.pembroke.ca to browse the various websites offered by our local municipalities.

The Ottawa Valley began forming 600 million years ago, and today the land forms a "trench" or "valley" in both the Province of Ontario and the Province of Quebec.  The beautiful and mighty Ottawa River runs through the centre of this land. The land within the watershed of the Ottawa River is known as the "Ottawa Valley".

Renfrew County is located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, the Province of Ontario in the Dominion of Canada, geographically located in Eastern Ontario.  The County of Renfrew in the Ottawa Valley stretches from the outskirts of Canada's Capital, the City of Ottawa, in the east and along the shores of historic Ottawa River in the Province of Ontario, to the northern tip of Algonquin Park's wilderness in the west.

The County encompasses 17 municipalities, approximately 100,000 residents and has an area of 7,645.68 sq. kms.  The area is rural in nature and is made up of a variety of towns and industries.  Renfrew County is home to a major Canadian scientific research facility, a large military base, a variety of historical sites, over 900 lakes, and 4 river systems.  The Scenery of the area makes this part of Canada unique. The people who live in Renfrew County love their communities and are passionate about sharing the benefits of living in this beautiful region of Ontario.

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