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Renfrew County District School Board
Mary Street Education Centre
480 Mary Street, Pembroke, ON

Classes currently available at:

Mary Street Education Centre
480 Mary Street, Pembroke, ON

Mackenzie Community School

87 Brockhouse Way, Deep River, ON

ESL for Adults

In Renfew County, ESL is provided by the Renfrew County District School Board. The program is funded by The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade and operates under the Ministry's guidelines for eligibility. When ten interested, eligible, and committed students become registered and have completed the language assessment, coordinated by the School Board, an ESL class can be created in the particular community in Renfrew County where the interested parties reside.

In hopes to raise the awareness about this program and to produce the ten eligible students in order to start a new class, the LIP has agreed to promote potential ESL offerings in the communities where the need has arisen.  Posters and newspaper ads have been developed in multiple languages in order to steer interested parties to the LIP general email account.  Once they have responded, LIP staff will screen for basic eligibility and collect the information of the interested party. When the list grows to ten individuals from the community, LIP will liaise with RCDSB in order to create the new class, should all parameters be met by all parties involved. 

If you would like help in creating a new ESL class in your community, please contact us

ESL in Schools for Children - resource provided by Shara Dupuis of Project Welcome in Renfrew County

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